Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or are there any uncertainties? We are happy to help you. Below are the most frequently asked questions. Do you have any more questions? Please contact us.

No past performance is not a guarantee for the future. We indicate in our guide what we have done and how we have set this up. It depends on many factors, including factors beyond our control such as market movement. We share different bot setups in which you can choose whether you go long or short or make a combination of both. The bots mainly trade on the volatility of the market, which is quite high in crypto, so that you can take full advantage of the many ups and downs in the market.

On our socials that you can become a member of after you have purchased our guide, we regularly share our vision of the market, both in the shorter term and in the longer term.

Yes, the bot settings can be adjusted as you wish. The settings you receive from us are the settings with which we have achieved success ourselves and which we have tested over a long period of time to achieve the best results. We will share adjustments to the settings on our socials if we have come to the conclusion that we have found a better setup. We run continuous A/B tests to arrive at the best setup possible.

This is certainly possible, but it has to be done manually. The winnings will be paid out in BUSD (Binance dollar stable coin) and will be deposited in your Binance account. The moment you want to reinvest profits, you can adjust the purchase amounts in the bots to larger amounts, whereby the ratio of the base order and the safety order must remain the same. For example: If the base was 20 and the safety order was 60 then you could adjust amounts to say 30 for the base order and 90 for the safety order. You will then see at the top right how much BUSD the bot needs. It is also possible to start a new bot with, for example, a different coin. The guide describes how to do this.

When you trade on Binance you pay transaction costs, but if you trade in your own stable coin BUSD you do not pay those transaction costs, which saves a lot of money because the bot trades a lot.

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