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Advanced Automation

Powerful, user-friendly crypto bot that trades for you 24/7

Generate profits by automatically executing our trading strategies. What sets our bot apart from other bots are its innovative strategies based on technical analysis of the market, extreme flexibility and great user community.

Runs on your own computer

The bot runs entirely on your own system: Windows, macOS, Linux or Raspberry Pi.

Trading signals

Bots that only trade in very interesting market conditions. BTC QFL trading settings.

Plug and Play

Several strategies are fully automated and profitable. You just have to turn the bot on.


Updates and tips. We are constantly upgrading and expanding.

A complete guide

A complete guide

(about 1 hour of your time) to set up your profitable crypto trading bot
The bot trades 24/7 and starts again after every profitable trade.

HODL bots

HODL bots

Settings for bots that only sell for a profit. You can set the risk level you want to take.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

The cryptobot app runs on your own computer or mobile and does not collect any data about your usage.

Ready-made strategies

Ready-made strategies

Choose from a range of predefined strategies (4%-12% profit per month) based on successful backtest results for each bull/bear market.

Profit 24/7

Profit 24/7

Bots that traded for you 24/7 and restart after every successful trade. Allowing your bots to continue working even you are offline.

Great support

Great support

Get great human support for everything. Communication through our quick guide, live chat, email tickets and socials.

Watch your cryptocurrency investments grow

From powerful trading bots to smart orders, the Cryptobot app gives you an edge in the fast-paced world of crypto trading.
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About us

Why many traders choose our Crypto trading bot

Since 2016, our team has been continuously working on settings for bots that can trade for us automatically.
After a number of years of testing, we have arrived at settings with our DCA bots that are as high as 4%-12% yield per month.
We achieve this by betting on trading in the volity of the markets.

We are still testing the bots to continuously improve profitability and have decided to share the current setups of our highly profitable bots with the world through this website.

So do you want to trade like a pro 24 hours a day? Join our movement now

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4-12 %


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We are very proud of the fact that we have built the number 1 trading bot in the cryptocurrency community.

We are constantly upgrading and expanding and you can be a part of that.

Crypto Market

Crypto is a $1750 billion market. It is difficult to predict the future, in fact we cannot. But we can benefit from the movements in this growing market.

Plug and Play

The API key is all you need, just link your Exchange account via a secure API connection and get started. Easy to set up with the guide.

Great support

Get great human support for everything. Use our quick guide, live chat, email tickets and more. You will receive an answer to every question.

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Our free full guide provides you with pre-tuned strategies to set up the profitable crypto trading bot. Download the guide below and get started right away.

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